A Wonderful Valentine

God has blessed me beyond what I deserve with my wife! Three years ago on Valentine's day, Cassidy said "yes" to marriage! It all started back at BCF (Baptist College of Florida) and I was nearing the last year of college. At this point of my life I was focusing upon completing my degree and moving into full-time ministry. One day I remember noticing a beautiful girl on campus who was singing in chapel that day. I looked at my friend Tim Flowers and said, "wow, who is that!" I quickly began to try to find out about her and through many times hanging out with her on campus with friends, I finally asked her to go out on a date. The funny thing is our first time out together was to go to a high school football game (part time youth pastor at the time) and then eat afterwards at Applebee's. I remember the fact that she was sweet, beautiful and godly! I remember spending the next semester finding out about her and continually praying about what God had in store for the future.

Fast forward two and a half years and I was now away from BCF and serving full-time in student ministry in Jacksonville, Florida. Cassidy was going to college at UNF (University of North Florida) and as Valentine's was approaching I realized during Christmas of 2007, that I knew it was God's timing. I talked to Cassidy's parents and asked for her hand in marriage and without her knowing! The day before Valentine's I bought "map" paper at the store and wrote a treasure map with a special love letter. I went to the beach and buried it at a special location (no, I did not put the ring in it!). On Valentine's Day we headed to the beach around 5:00pm. We started to make a sand castle and I made sure she began to dig where the bottle was buried. She found it and when she pulled the letter out I asked her to be my wife! The best part is she said "yes!"

Here's a caption that Cassidy wrote back on Feb. 14, 2008 "As we were sitting there goofing off and taking pictures, Josh then asked if I wanted to build a sand castle? I of course, jumped at the idea! And we started digging away in the sand right by our sheet (it was marvelous, by the way). I started asking Josh if he wanted to add some window holes and make a bridge....(ya know, like your suppose to build a sand castle). But, then as I went to dig out some more dirt....I saw a glass bottle buried right below. I was afraid to grab it at first, I wasn't sure what it was. But then, Josh said, "grab it! I'll get my camera (aka....the ring!). So I pulled out the "message in a bottle"! And after I read it and looked up, Josh was on his knee!!! I, of course, SAID YES!"

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