Ooooh..big word! I've been contemplating on this for a good bit of my college life and now in ministry. This word is thrown around a lot in Christian culture books, etc. I've been reading an awesome book called, "Engaging the Sould of Youth Culture" by Walt Mueller. It has been a great tool to me... Postmodernism is a worldview. In other words, it is the lens by which people see the world. This worldview has its own dinstinctives though. An illustration is a painter that was not quite done with his work. His friend comes along and looks at it for a while...frustrated he looks at the painter and says, "what is it!" The painter looks at him and say, "It is whatever you want it to be." That sums up the postmodern worldview. Truth and reality is whatever you make it to be. Why am I blogging about this? If we want to reach the world for Jesus, we must understand their thoughts and beliefs! Many times the church has a mentality of, "come on in and join us", but the world looks and wants to know, "Why???"

The world asks these questions, "Why do I need to go to church?" "How can Jesus be the only way?" "Why did Jesus come to earth?"

The issue is not whether they are active in church, it is that they have been changed by a saving relationship with Jesus! Following Jesus and staying committed to church is a bi-product of salvation and relationships with other believers. Postmodern thought follows emotion over reason. Many commercials, movies and ads display themselves towards people's feelings and not on the product's nutritional value or performance...interesting. On that same note, people believe in what they like. We call it "moral relativism."

Without a moral standard of truth, everything becomes opinion and absolute truth is abandoned. Jesus is the way, truth and the life!

Jesus changed my life. I mess up every day, but His amazing grace keeps forgiving me. Wow, what an amazing God! God is always good to his children.

Thank Him today for His truth. Thank Him for His love. Pray for people who need Jesus.