It is gameday...big game today between FSU and Alabama. I have to be honest. I've been bummed that I am not going to the game. Seeing that it is in Jacksonville and the largest crown in Jacksonville stadium's history...well...yeah...and I only live 15 minutes away... So go Noles! haha...we shall see what happens.

Had a great time playing some b'ball with some of the youth! Lots of mosquito swatting and all so it was a good time.

I'm excited that we are going skiing in January! The trip is all set to go and I can not wait. There is something about cold weather, snow, skis and downhill that gets me pumped. Can't wait to hit the black diamond!

My prayer for Elevate students is that we continue to grow into a core of students that serve Jesus! I can see the growth from January and I desire to see more students come to know Jesus! There are many people that need an encouraging word...encourage somebody today!

Have an awesome Saturday and keep your eyes on Jesus.