reaching people?

Hey blog world... I've really enjoyed blogging...mainly because I think it is a great way to write what God is doing but also to read and learn more about other ministries. I've been so blessed in my life with a godly example...My Dad has been a personal witness for Jesus and is not ashamed of the gospel. He has been in ministry for around 30 years and has wisdom and passion that has not gone down with his age. I think about that a lot.

How does a person maintain their passion and desire for God?

I'm reminded of memories growing up being in the store and it would take longer to get out of the store because my dad would get to know people and find a way to bring up Jesus. I know...i know what you're thinking..."Well that is crazy, nobody wants to be confronted or talked too in the store about God!" or "That might offend them!" a kid I thought that as well. But as I look and see the "trendiness" of churches and the focus upon convenience, perfect accomodations, pretty lights, etc. I am not sure people are truly hearing the gospel of Jesus. Sure, it is great to have nice stuff, but if there is not clear communication of the cross and repentance then people will go to hell. It is simple as that. When are we going to hear the cross?? What about brokenness and revival? I sure want God to move in this country. Lord help us.

I don't know...i'm just throwing ideas out there. The Jesus I see is not one that looks at how comfortable his life can be, but giving of Himself even sacrificing His life so that others can be saved! Are we reaching for more souls or reaching for bigger crowds?

Hmm...back to growing up. I just am so blessed to have seen my dad, brothers and mom desire to see people come to know Jesus. I just talked to my mom last night and their church is buying CD's explaining the gospel in a relevant way to pass out to the University in town. God continues to show me that it is simple...reach people with Jesus.

Now the method of evangelism must be always be changing and creative, but if the end result is just to have people show up to church, then we are filling our churches with lost people that do not know they are lost.

anyways, I am only 23, just have a bachelors I do not have it all figured out!!! But what I do know is that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. That is what I want to be about. Reaching people for Jesus...

Any wisdom on this is appreciated?