being real? let me try.

Ministry is tiring at times or should I say life? I have been tired for a few days now...I wonder if it the weather and all?! hmm...How does one deal with the struggles of life that come? I wonder how some people do it. I am encouraged by older, wiser ministers who care enough to help young kids like me. I got to talk to Adam Hammond , youth pastor in Belleview, Florida. He was a great influence and leader for Cassidy, my lovely girlfriend growing up. We talked for a while today and one thing he told me went like this:

"when the bad times come, I've learned to now look at it in a negative way, I might feel like it, but I know that we truly find out who we are when we are in the fire."

He also said:

"I have found out who I truly am in Christ through the pains and struggles of ministry. I wouldn't have found my character or strength if I had never dealt with it."

So many people go through pain and struggle...I keep asking of myself, is it me not being willing to grow through the struggle?

I'm still searching God's Word on some answers to why it must be so hard to keep a joyful spirit and positive outlook. I do know that God is so good, He loves me and each person so much. He is my source, He has always gotten me through any and every struggle I have ever faced. Jesus gets the glory, Jesus gets the praise!

I pray that I learn this lesson...Not just talk about it to students, smile and talk to people at church, but living to praise Jesus in the good and bad times!

David writes an awesome prayer to God here in Psalm 143:8:

"Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift my soul."

I want the students at Celebration Baptist Church to be revolutionized by Jesus. I want God to move in a powerful way. That is my prayer and heartbeat.