retreat time..

Well i'm writing from A-town...Atlanta...or ATL...or...I don't know what else they call this city. I had a fun time trying to find my way around when I got into town...I was just staring up at the buildings and driving through amazed at all that mankind has built. I am so thankful to be here at the National youth workers convention. I've already got to hang out with some solid student pastors and have been encouraged very much. By the is freezing here. Today I was walking through downtown (by myself...which was a little freaky) and I was quite coooold. Yep...I have decided to quit being in denial to the fact that it is now going to cold(er) and I must wear more clothes.

I've been thinking a lot about people who need encouragement. I need it. You need it. I have found that the more we as Christ-followers encourage each other instead of pointing out each other's flaws, we are motivated to change and become more like Christ. Matthew 6-7 talks something about a "speck" and a "plank." You ought to check it out...

One thing I have learned this week is, It is not what I "do" that makes me Josh. It is who I am in Christ. Not just that but the question of, "who am I becoming?" Am I becoming closer to God? Am I developing relationships with people that need love? I have learned through the last few years that I need to slow down, relax and concentrate on fellowship with God and pouring it into other people.

Jesus came to serve and give His life for many. Relationships that are driven by Jesus. Whew! That gets me pumped!

Any thoughts on any of this?