Huckabee is the man

I have been keeping up with the presidential race over the last few weeks. Although politics is a touchy subject for some, I find it so vital to know and understand candidates and what they stand for. Mike Huckabee is by far the best candidate in the race. Why? He is straightforward about the issues and i appreciate his attitude in answering questions. Check out his stance here: Huckabee-is-da-man

Yep, so I hope he makes it all the way. It is nice to see a candidate care enough to be honest on where he stands. He doesn't give you a "run around" answer like most other candidates. Most of the Republican candidates are decent but Huckabee is a definite stand-out. I'm just throwing out what I think, this is in no way a bash on any other candidate. But up to this point, Chuck Norris has backed pretty much that means he is the man once again...haha. seriously.

Check out this video: [youtube=]