Awesome weekend!!

Student Tour in Orlando was great this weekend, seeing students worship the Lord and desire Him was a blessing. We had a chance to hang out some in Orlando and have some great relationship building as a group. Many students were coming together and getting to know each other better, so that was encouraging to see. The definite highlight of the trip was being a part of a student beginning a relationship with Jesus. The theme of the weekend was, "Identity." It was good to hear the speakers, drama, and worship leaders encourage students to find their acceptance and fulfillment in Christ. I'm reminded of how much we can be thankful for. My younger brother Jordan is who I'm so thankful for. He has taught me what it means to trust God. Even though he is undergoing chemo and radiation, his hope is grounded in God. My heart breaks over the pain of students and families and this one hits home for my family. The song that hit home for me was, "Blessed be your Name." Even though I have sung it many times, it rang true for me this weekend. When Job lost everything, he responded in worship.

So much to learn in this short life. One day more on this journey. I thank God for the cross for that is where my life met hope, salvation and strength for eternity.

P.S. Check out the Elevate website for pictures of some awesome students! Tour photos are coming soon...