Churches trading in God's Word for the wisdom of the world?

This questions has been on my mind for some time now. I want to say up front that I believe many churches are following the wisdom of the world. I say that because of the lack of repentance in today's church culture. I am going to delve deeper into this subject more this week. First off, Christianity is not something we sell, buy, market, or try to make look "appealing." Jesus called people to follow Him; that is it.

For instance...

When the rich young ruler (Matthew 19:16-30) decided to turn back from following Christ because he was called on to give what he had to the poor, he walked away from Jesus.

Did Jesus then run after him and try to make him feel more comfortable? Did he tailor His message to fit the Rich young ruler's "comfort zone?"


I believe we must be vigilant to reach out to this generation with acceptance, love, relevance, understanding and grace. The one key to this whole question must be...

"Is God's Word enough?"

Do we have to add our own spin to the message? The method must change, we must continually work on creative ways to share Jesus. The most important factor must be on the authority of God's Word.

It costs something to follow Christ. It costs us our very lives. Jesus called upon many people to follow. Many turned away once they learned it was more than a "spectator sport."

Being a follower of Christ is where true freedom is found. It is not the easiest road in life, but it reveals hope daily based on God's promises.

Church leaders must move beyond cultural relativism and into what pleases the heart of God.

We must have more substance to ministry. Not just to get a crowd, not just to talk about numerical growth, but to daily walk in worship to God. Once the church becomes focused on Jesus daily, we will see churches focused on fulfilling God's Word.

The result will be...lives that are changed!

What do you think? What does this mean to Church leaders?