Heart check

What will it take for youth to realize the truth and love of Christ? I'm haunted by this question as a student pastor. I have seen so much pain, depression, hurt, and frustration in the past year. I continually try and study youth culture to understand where students are finding "truth" today and purpose.

I was reading a blog today on some trends in youth culture. The whole "Soulja boy" epedemic spreading especially in middle schools today with a dance to this song. Once I found out what the song means, once again my heart breaks for this generation of students. Is it just the music or lyrics that bother me?

To me it is a deeper issue of why this culture is so far from God.

I've been reading Hebrews lately and this verse stuck out to me today:

"Pursue peace wtih all men, and the sanctification, without which no one will see the Lord." Hebrews 12:14

The word sanctification in this verse means:

A drawing near to God with full faith and a cleansed conscience, a genuine acceptance of Christ as the Savior and sacrifice for sin.

I have had a heart check today to realize how much students need forgiveness and cleansing from God. I realize that as a student pastor I need to be renewed daily by God's Word and prayer for the needs of students.

Students need to see Jesus in us. I believe this is where we must stay if we are going to turn the tide of this current culture.

Lastly, I read an article about the influence of music on youth today. I was so disappointed but not surprised at the 138 comments following the article.

What do you think about the influence of music in youth culture? What is our response to the trends ("Soulja Boy") in youth culture?