New youth series "Inside Out"

I'm back in Jacksonville, I had a blessed time hanging out with the family and spending quality time with Jordan. Once again, we are thankful daily for the prayers for Jordan. I'm excited for our new Elevate youth series starting this Wednesday night! I will put the logo on the blog soon. It is called "Inside Out" and will be focused in helping students be wise in their choices. The base scripture is Ephesians 5:15-17.

The reason for the message series is that many students never plan to become distant from God, get pregnant, gossip, get arrested, become an alcoholic, damage their testimony, leave church after they graduate...

Some would even say things like...

“I don’t know how I happened” “I didn’t know he would _______” “I didn’t know it was spiked"

We don't PLAN to get into trouble...but the missing link is that many never learn to be proactive in their lives to become wise. The focus should be to make decisions that are based not upon their peers alone, but on the heart of God.

Instead of the question, "what is wrong with it?"

The question alongside God's heart is..."Is this the wise thing to do?

I will post more in the future and I pray that God will help me and the students become authentic on the inside of our hearts and in our actions.

Any thoughts?