Ministry Thoughts - What is most important?

I have been writing down my thoughts on ministry lately. I've been reading a few books more in depth now that I'm done with Liberty Seminary for this year. Here's a few thoughts of mine from the book, "7 Practices of Effective Ministry" (by Andy Stanley).

Narrow the Focus

We need to focus on what makes student ministry powerful and not just good. Narrowing focus seems to make things limited, but the great strength of focus is freeing people up to do things with excellence.

What things in ministry are not benefiting the main purpose of the church?

Teach the Fundamentals I believe that many sermons need less information communicated and more application of God’s Word in their life. In other words, it is asking the "Now what?" question for the listeners to respond too. Jesus always taught with illustrations, parables, stories, etc to drive home a point.

What fundamentals do students need to learn while they are in middle and high school?

I will be writing more on what I believe should be the basic truths students should learn and become in Middle/High school.

What are your thoughts?