Special News Article on my brother

My Mom shared with me yesterday of a nice article written about Jordan. The Greenville News did a write up on Jordan's story. Click HERE for the full story.

ANDERSON -- Jordan Robinson was, his brother says, a person who loved to do "guy stuff."

That's why he was fairly chomping at the bit last summer as thoughts of an impending hunting trip to Alaska swirled through his head.

"He was totally stoked," said Jeff Robinson, of Taylors. "For a guy 20 years old to be told that he was going to have the opportunity to go to Alaska and hunt for grizzly (bear) - there aren't many things to top that."

Jordan never got to go.

He passed away last Aug. 19 - five days shy of his 21st birthday - leaving behind a close-knit family, including three brothers, a bevy of friends from Louisiana to Florida and many places between, and plenty of sweet memories.

I am so thankful for Jordan and his life. He is a continual reminder to me of living for Christ no matter what life throws at you.