No More Lone Rangers

Here are some notes I've taken down while reading, “No More Lone Rangers: How to build a team centered youth Ministry” I have been focusing lately on how we are to do this thing called "ministry." This book has been great in opening my eyes to the "equipping" that we see in Ephesians 4:11-12

I have learned this far in my short life that being a “long ranger” in youth ministry will not cut it. The focus needs to move off of the youth pastor as the only leader and move to a team mentality. What is success in youth ministry?

  1. Success is sharing ministry, not being a one-person show
  2. Success is modeling the body of Christ, not just teaching about it
  3. Modeling it is the most important along with solid teaching.
  4. Success is caring for the students we have rather than worrying about students we don’t have
  5. God won’t bless with more students if we aren’t caring for the ones we have currently.

    Quote by Jim Burns (The Youth Builders) We firmly believe that on the day we stand before God, He won’t be asking us how many kids came to our ministries. He won’t be delving into our programming, He’ll want to know what we did with the students He entrusted to us. Are we faithful with the students He has entrusted to our care?”

  6. Success is more about what happens after students leave the youth ministry than what they do while they’re in the ministry...Where will they be in 5-10 years after the student ministry?
  7. Success should be viewed as a journey, not as a destination.
  8. Success is God’s job, faithfulness is our job (Parable of the Talents).

Ultimately it comes down to faithfulness. We are to be committed and passionate about following God call on our lives. Hang on for the ride!

What are your thoughts?