5 things I enjoy

1. Spending time with my family. Cassidy is awesome, beautiful and and the love of my life. I "out-punted my coverage" when it comes to my wife! We enjoy being together, talking about the future, and serving God together in ministry. I enjoy spending time with my parents and brothers. Living 5 hours away makes this difficult, but when we get together it is a whole lot of fun.


2. Serving as a Student Pastor. I have the privilege to do what I love! It is a blessing to wake up each day and minister to students and their families. I am blessed to work with a church and staff that love each other, love God, and share life together!

3. Sports. I have just started playing in a tennis league and really enjoy it. The days of playing basketball and baseball in college are over. I'm at a stage in my life where I'm looking for a way to stay competitive in sports and stay in shape. I enjoy most sports and hope to coach basketball or baseball competitively in the future.

4. The Outdoors. I have really begun to enjoy camping, fishing, hunting more and more. I look forward to doing some deer hunting this season with some friends in the church. I love to go fishing when I get a chance. Spending time in the woods, at the beach or on the water continually reminds me of God's amazing creation.

5. Technology. Okay, I enjoy playing my XBOX. I'm an avid "gamer." I enjoy reading blogs, networking with other people that are in ministry and learning new ways to reach people with the gospel. I enjoy movies that have a good story that leaves me thinking about living each day with passion and purpose. I enjoy movies that make me laugh so hard that my sides hurt. The internet is cool too.

What about you? What do you enjoy about your life?