Update on life

Life is flying by right now. Here are some things that have been happening in my life:

  • Planning - whew! I'm working on a Puerto Rico mission trip, Beach Retreat, WIRED mission camp and the ongoing ministry stuff!
  • We are praying about purchasing a home - still haven't found one. We could use prayer on this decision.
  • "To Save a Life" was a great movie - students really enjoyed it. We are going to unpack the movie on Wednesday night and share how we can become a stronger student ministry to the lonely and hurting.
  • I'm in three weddings this coming May-June. I'm excited about it!
  • Praying for those in Haiti - My heart goes out to the people and their loss.
  • The Jeep is struggling - trying to work on it the last few weeks and find that is wrong with it. It is been a faithful vehicle so far!
  • "ParentLife" Event is on Thursday night - I'm excited to have my parents come and be a part of sharing how to make priorities as a family. The theme will be "Priorities: Building a family on biblical principles and service to Christ." The main purpose is to equip and encourage parents to be the spiritual leaders in their home.
  • Seminary classes are going well - I've already had a 6 page paper to do and multiple other projects. Praying for focus to finish well!
  • I will leave you with a hilarious commercial I saw watching football last Sunday