Valentine's is coming up this Sunday! V-day is a nice celebration of romance and love. Two years ago on valentine's I proposed to my wife on the beach! I've been leading a series this month for the student ministry called, "LoveSick." I'm praying that students accept God's plan for sex and relationships as the goal for their lives. I'm posting some thoughts and points that we have been covering this month during our weekly service called, "Momentum."

Week 1 -  “Superman vs. Kryptonite” - Judges 13-14 (Samson's Obsession with LUST)

Main Thought: When we become obsessed with the lust of relationships, we lose sight of God's plan

  1. Samson was STRONG on the OUTSIDE

He was a "beast" as we like to say.

  • He killed a lion with his bare hands.
  • He single-handedly killed thirty Philistines.
  • He killed one thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey.

2. Samson was WEAK on the INSIDE

  • Delilah’s name is literally “weakness”
  • He disobeyed his parents - It is vital to honor parents when it comes to relationships.

Culture today says that our worth is tied to how many relationships we have – especially of the opposite sex. God has given us our own unique identity – many times we look at other people to define ourselves. As a teenager, Samson began to move away from God's specific calling to rescue the Israelites from the Philistines because of giving into LUST.


I will post tomorrow on the second week of the "LoveSick" series!