Monday Minute

Life has been busy lately with moving into our home and ministry! Here are a few quick updates to life:

  • Moved into our new home and have really enjoyed having our own place. Cassidy is doing a great job of decorating!
  • Leaving at 4:45am in the morning to take a group of students and parents deep sea fishing in Destin, Florida! The goal is to build relationships and catch some great fish!
  • Cassidy is enjoying being a substitute teacher!
  • Cassidy's new CD "New Day" is coming out in April! We are really excited about it and the potential it has to bring glory to Christ! If you want to pre-order one, click HERE.
  • It has been awesome to see students come to know Christ in the past few months. Praying for God to continue to move in hearts and see more salvation and growth in their lives!
  • I'm blessed to have many people in my life that encourage me often.
  • Thankful for a loving church family and staff to work with each week.
  • I'm trying to get back on a workout routine and am planning on drinking protein shakes each day to gain back some weight (and muscle) hopefully.
  • March Madness has been crazy! My brackets are not doing so well, but I'm enjoying watching some great basketball.
  • I'm beginning a new series called "Shift" - Focusing on the cross and the days leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. Praying that students shift their focus to the real meaning of the cross and resurrection!
  • I'm beginning my next two seminary classes this week. I'm learning a lot and am being challenged to manage time wisely.
  • Thankful for God's grace - I'm praying that I would decrease and that He would increase in my life and relationships.