A Leader's Character - Part 1

The first character trait that a Christian leader should possess is integrity. Integrity is the most important aspect of leadership. Without integrity the ministry will eventually crumble and hurt the Lord’s work. There are many good examples in the Bible, but Daniel was a man that stood strong in his convictions. In Daniel 6:10, He prayed three times a day and continued in that openly knowing that it could cost him his life. Daniel’s integrity was the foremost key to his ministry. Daniel’s life showed integrity even when he was a young man in the king’s palace. He abstained from the delicacies and showed that his integrity was making the small choices. The only way integrity can be upheld is making small decisions each day to surrender fully to God.

Integrity is not built up overnight, and many times the person has to grow and learn what it takes to be a leader. Daniel later on in life, continued following the Lord even when a law was made to worship only the king. King Darius knew of Daniel’s faith and that when Daniel was cast to the lion’s, God would protect him through it all. The end result of Daniel’s integrity is that God was glorified. At times a leader will have to take a stand on a controversial subject, and with the Bible as the basis, that leader can effectively stand strong. The importance of integrity is monumental to a lifelong passion to love God, love others, and serve the world.