A Leader's Skills - Time Management

Time is passing away every second of every day. A skill that is vital to success in Christian ministry is time management. In order to make wise choices, you must ask yourself the question, What is most important? Many leaders struggle to manage time because of responsibilities at home, church, and more. Ministry is never done, there is always more to do no matter how hard a leader works. The leader who is people-centered will spend more time on the field than a quiet, studious leader in their office. The role of both is important in a ministry, but both need to be balanced. It is important to use a planner or reminder list to stay on track with tasks. At the same time, there should be flexibility within the schedule to meet people at their point of need.

One of the ways I prioritize my time every week through writing down important goals to accomplish. It is important to begin this way because if a leader does not prioritize their time, someone else will do it for them. I have learned that unless I have a goal in mind, it is easy to waste time on projects and plans and end up stressing due to last minute decisions.

I have learned to say “no” to good things in order to be able to lead great things. Through my ministry I have learned to delegate responsibilities in order to accomplish a goal faster and more effectively. When a leader rallies the people behind the vision, it becomes shared responsibility and takes less time to accomplish. The goal is spend quality time with our spouse, ministry, relationships and health. Leaders are to make the most of the time that God has provided.