A Leader's Skills - Delegation

A leadership skill that is needed is the ability to delegate. It is unproductive to go about ministry with a “me-for and no-more” mindset. Using a team of volunteers is important to fulfilling the ministry’s mission. A leader who does not delegate takes the ministry upon himself and makes it all fall upon his shoulders.

One pitfall of many leaders (including myself) is perfectionism. Everything MUST be done a certain way.

In Blackaby’s book it he states, “Whatever the reason for reluctance to delegate, leaders must understand that mastering the art of delegation is preeminent among leadership skills. It is one of the wisest uses of a leader’s time.

One person can not do it all. They can try but the ministry will suffer if the leader is controlling and has a perfectionist attitude.

Bill Bright said, "Great men lead people, but greater men train leaders.”

The understanding of skills in ministry is a simple concept, whatever God has blessed you in, you need to use to glorify God. A wise leader helps develop ways for people to live out their spiritual gifts in the church. Leadership involves people and administration. Finding time for both can be difficult. One of the things I do is delegate some of the administration to one of my youth leaders who loves it. I am not aloof from the responsibility, but give people freedom to take ownership of the ministry. I prefer to empower people to achieve success rather than just "dumping" stuff on people. Delegation is key to success in the ministry. Wisdom is found when people and their gifts are used together for a common goal.


Blackaby, Henry. Power of the Call