Life is filled with a multitude of questions. I don't know about you, but I usually have more questions than answers. Lately, I've been dealing with some personal health issues that have not been fun. Basically, I am losing blood somehow or can't absorb iron. Last Wednesday I had to have a blood infusion. I am still going through testing to find out what is causing it. I've not had to deal with anything similar to this in my life. I played two college sports and have always been pretty healthy and active. Through the tests and continual questions, I'm learning to rest in the arms of my Savior. You see, we were never promised loads of money, perfect health or luxury vehicles. Jesus promised us that He would be our source of life. We sing a lot about, "I surrender all" or "In all I do I honor you" but as I've been faced with uncertainty, can I always say this?  God is shaping me through the questions of life to trust Him more. I'm learning humility. It is not easy for me to accept the fact that my health is not what it once was. Once I get through this I look forward to getting back in good shape! I'm learning what it means to depend on Christ.

Check out this story, it has impacted me:

There was a little girl that had a deadly blood disease. The doctors had found that the only cure for this disease was in the blood of her brother, who had over come this disease and had natural anti-bodies in his blood. The doctors brought the little boy into the office and explained that the only way his sister would live was through this transfusion. They then asked if he would be willing to complete the procedure. The little boy hesitated for only a second and then agreed to the have the procedure. The doctor wondered why any hesitation, but then went on to begin. He began to hook the little boy up to all the machines and then brought in his sister. As the little girl was wheeled into the room, her brother smiled and watched as the blood began to flow through her and cleanse her system. His smile then faded and his face got pale. The doctor was checking on both children when the little boy asked him how long it would be until he would die. The little boy had thought that in order to cure his sister, she would have to take all of his blood. It was a sacrifice he was willing to make.  He loved her that much. What a great picture of Jesus!

This song has another level of meaning to me now...