Blessed are the peacemakers (part 5)

Look Also to the Interest of Others

Forgiveness opens the door to building a friendship into a stronger bond that would not have been evident if there was not conflict in the beginning. To initiate forgiveness is to admit your own fault and open yourself up to being rejected. Cooperative negotiation is the process that opens up the strengthening of friendship. If each side is agreeable to their own faults, resolution comes to fruition.

Overcome Evil with Good

Overcoming evil is God’s ongoing story and He allows people to play a role in displaying the message of reconciliation to everyone. God revealed to me that through the cross, He defeated evil and provided a path of wholeness not only through salvation but also in daily relationships.

God has convicted me of using words to heal and not to damage relationships. Words are for uplifting and edifying relationships. My prayer is that through this time of my life that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in the way I use words towards my family and friends. Through the investment of my Dad and my mentor, Adam Hammond, I have learned how to be wise in dealing with conflict. It is not a matter of if it will come but when it will become reality.

My prayer is that Christ-followers will apply biblical principles in a real life situations. The work and application of this series is relevant and needed in today’s culture and church. My desire is to take the principles that I have learned and apply them into family ministry. It is important that families learn how to biblically resolve conflict with each other. Love is the basis for any peacemaking endeavor in life. God blesses the intentional peacemaker who puts God’s glory as a priority.