Keeping Quality Student Leaders

Vision is the most important aspect of leading people. If workers do not know where a leader is headed, it is hard for them to know how to serve. People have to understand how important their input and investment is in the ministry. Training must be a priority on a regular basis in order to provide encouragement and evaluation of the team. It is wise for leaders to build relationships with each worker. People need to know how much a leader cares so that they can have the internal motivation to continue serving. Relationships are important to form trust and loyalty into workers. The leader must set the example of being consistent and committed to the ministry. One of the biggest struggles of churches is the rapid turnover of the leadership. The rapid turnover is one of the keys to the lack of commitment and longevity of lay workers. If a leader will commit to standing by their workers by continually encouraging and investing time in their life, it will lead to a healthy team. The quality of the workers will also attract more committed leaders. It is a priority for the leader to set an example that attracts people who are committed to excellence. When excellence is revealed, people want to join it. It begins with the example of the leader and will eventually become a part of the culture of the workers. Retaining workers is a key ingredient to building a strong and long-lasting ministry.