Encouraging Quality Student Leaders

People need encouragement in life. The essence of leadership is to help people achieve greatness in life. Amidst today's degrading and discouraging culture, encouragement is needed more than ever. One of the most important aspects is the internal and external need for motivation. Motivation is much more than telling people to keep moving forward. It is to see ahead and visualize achievement for the people and express it in way that they can understand. People are easily discouraged and every leader must learn to express and reveal positive encouragement. A leader must learn to verbalize achievement for others if people are going to be motivated. People not only need to hear it, but they need to feel it in the body language and expressions of the leader. Non-verbal communication is what most people notice long before they hear someone speak. The leader must be willing to put the encouragement on paper so that people can adequately understand the goals. People are looking for tangible ways to jump aboard the vision. It is the task of the leader to help people see themselves as a vital part of the vision. If people do not feel a part of the vision, they will begin to lose interest. God has called leaders to be champions and coaches for people to be all they can be in Christ. It is vital for leaders to motivate and encourage people to see their potential in their walk with God.