Book Review of "Family to Family"

The importance of seeing the American family come together and live for a common purpose is needed into today’s culture. This book explains the reality that many families are in a crisis in America. The need for a re-focus on important values that makes life full of life and purpose is at the heartbeat of this great book.  The overall aspect of this book that is excellent is the way that the author shows that there is always more to the Christian life. In this book the family is not just an organism that is focused solely upon their needs but upon a greater purpose. The way that the family is in America is in need of a revamping and a more passionate approach in teamwork to reach others. This book lays the groundwork that parents need to understand a fresh and biblical approach to seeing God work in the family. Not only is this book packed with great insights into clear and biblical principles, but also it is a tool to check the health of the family. This book opens up ways to share and converse in the family based on the need for encouragement and focus upon bringing glory to God. The author is clear in bringing out the formula for a healthy view of why God put the family in place. The importance of family being close to each other is key in the way they respond and minister to others. This book unpacks the need for each person of the family to feel a sense of ownership in the overall goal to reach others with the love and truth of the gospel.

The importance aspect of setting priorities is explained in detail in this book on the family being Jesus to others. Seeing that this is paramount to the family becoming unified in their purpose, it reminds the reader that the family must be passionate about being intentional in their interactions with people that are lost. The author(s) are great in their explanation of different stories of families who made it a priority to be loving and intentional with other families. This book sets precedence that if the church grabbed onto, it would drastically change the horizon of the family in America. Not only are stories used to illustrate that real families can be effective in a clear and central purpose as a family. This explanation of true stories is a great way to show that anyone can reach another person with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Another great point made in the book is that families that make a difference spend a good amount of quality time together. Quality time is a great point helping families make a difference in reaching others. Too many families are spending all of their time trying “live it up” and have all the toys, but those families that make time for each other will be more healthy in the long run of life. Not only is quality time important in a family, but also treating each person with love and acceptance is great in developing a core that is strong. This book continually emphasizes the importance of healthy relationships that are built upon spending time that is not just in front of the television, but also in having fun and sharing with each other in the family.

This book emphasizes the need for families to make a positive difference to others. The book is excellent in its explanation of how the family in America needs to be evaluated and encouraged to put Christ at the very center. The book completes the goal of helping the reader see that the status of the family is not to be self-centered but centered on serving Christ and others. A key to helping the family make a difference is passing down from each generation a love for God and His Word. The book is great in its detailed description of families that had put Christ at the center and showed the impact they left on many families with no hope.

The author gets his point across not only through stories but also in its explanation of Bible truth that shows the heart of Christ. This book shows the importance of having the heart of God, the eyes of God, and the mind of God in the way a family is formed and used in life. The author explains that many families cannot even find time to eat together and since this shift has been extreme compared to a few decades ago, the family is in need of a new focus. Family is the bedrock of society and now that divorce is more common and there is abuse verbally and physically, this book is a great explanation of what God’s plan is for families.

This book shows that people are in need of motivation to make a difference. The model of making a mission statement as a family is a refreshing and great look at how a family can re-vision their strengths in making an eternal impact. The mission statement is not only a look at the heart of God’s plan but can be made specific for each family and their goals in reaching others with Christ.

The one hard part of this whole book is the implementation of the information and passion behind the study on family. Many families would be quite interested in what is said in the book, but just like anything else at church, unless there is constant discipline and accountability, it will not be long-term. The great insight that the reader gets from this book is that it is possible, but is not a one-day turnover. It will take time to build and empower the family to make a difference. The parents will need to be intentional and living out their faith. They must be doers of the Word and not simply hearer. Children will naturally be frustrated if they have to be “different” to their friends, but in the end they will learn respect if their parents are really living out their faith.

Overall, this book is a good look at the need for the family to be centered solely upon bringing God glory. This book should be a normal read for any family and or church that are passionate about living out their faith and showing people that they care. It is an excellent example of Christ if used can turn the tide of families breaking apart and build a nucleus that is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.