What is your response to culture?

Christians has taken 3 approaches to culture (media, technology, entertainment): Where do you find yourself? 1. Offended by culture – they withdraw, hoping that we can hide until culture improves. Many times parents shelter their children to the point that they withdraw and never learn to answer the world with biblical answers. They hideout and never learn to deal with the world. They never learned to apply God’s principles to their lives. Fear is the heart of their response to culture. Basically, people are sheltered to the point that they do not learn how to exegete the world and apply God's truth.

2. Pleased by culture – Over a century ago Andrew Bonar said, “I looked for the church and found it in the world. I looked for the world and found it in the church.” I looked for the world and found it in the church, I looked for the church and found it in the world.” They are excited about the feeling of the song no matter that content. Light beats darkness every time. I pray that every time we are at church and community, they see light and not darkness. I pray that you can come to the point where you repent and make your life about Christ in all aspects. It is not a religion. Our prayer should be to remove anything in our lives that are holding us back from reaching our friends with the gospel. Our media decisions will either move us away from God or pull us towards God. Does it draw you to love people?

3. Burdened by culture – It means to be burdened for people who do not know Christ. You live your life in a way that reveal your heart to be broken for the world so we engage culture with the truth of Jesus. You embrace a fully biblical faith that is integrated into all of life, including their media choices in order to glorify God. The whole goal is to glorify God. The most recent research indicates that the average 8 to 18 year-old is engaged in media use for about 6 1/2 hours a day. Some have even labeled today’s children and teens “Generation Media”). Media is shaping who they are and who they will be one day. God’s Word is the authority on every choice of a believer. Ask God to help you make wise decisions upon what you put into your mind and heart. If our generation does not stand up for Christ that within two generations it can lead to empty churches. We do not want to make life about ourselves but upon the glory of God. Worship is not just song, music, but it is a lifestyle.

The real question is, how do you interact with culture?