It Keeps Getting Better



On June 14th, 2008, I married the most wonderful woman in the entire world. It was the most exciting day of my life outside of my salvation in Christ. I definitely "over-married" with my wife, Cassidy. She is a great example of showing the love of Christ to anyone she meets. I'm reminded daily of her gift of meeting people at their point of need. She is so much of what I am not and I'm incredibly grateful for it. Some say, "opposites attract" and I can say that it is true in different ways in our marriage. Being different is not a bad thing, but a way for us to complement each other in order to bring God glory.

The fun aspect of marriage is to spend a lifetime being a student of my wife and learn how to love each other more every day. I have a long ways to go to become a better husband for Cassidy. Her gentle spirit and grace to me despite my flaws is incredible.

We are spending a few days in Hilton Head Island, SC for our three year anniversary. We look forward to spending time with each other and remembering the blessing of marriage. A retreat is important for us so that we can encourage each other and be rested spiritually. Serving in the ministry is an amazing life but there are times that we need to take a retreat from the daily grind and relax our heart, mind and spirit. To be honest, it is hard for me to take a vacation. I'm usually thinking about what is next with student ministry. My goal is to spend quality time with my wife and spend time reading the book, "When life is hard" by James MacDonald (and go surfing!)

God has blessed me more than I ever deserve! Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife Cassidy! I look forward to many more years together!