Remembering Jordan Robinson

My brother Jordan is missed. We are remembering my brother Jordan today on his birthday. He lived a short but full life for Jesus. I miss him a lot but will see him one day. For those that knew Jordan knew that he exemplified a kind spirit, encouragement, love, tenacity and courage. Although I am still broken over his passing, I have hope through the love and grace of Jesus. My family's prayer is that people come to know Jesus through Jordan's story.

*I wanted to highlight my Mother's caringbridge blog. Below is what she has written about Jordan*
Friday, August 19, 2011. "Three years ago today, our precious 3rd born son, Jordan, graduated into the presence of Jesus-the fullness of joy. What a courageous, precious young man! We were so blessed to be his family for the almost 21 years. He was so much fun with such a great attitude and sense of humor. Such courage and endurance was shown in his life. He has impacted our lives forever. Our 3 other sons, Jeffrey, Justin, Joshua and his wife Cassidy are with us today and tomorrow for a little reunion. It is so nice to have us all together. Thanks to all of you who prayed for us during the valley of cancer. God is on His throne. He knows all the reasons and whys that we don't. He is the sustainer, intercessor, Savior, healer, and friend. Even though our hearts will never be the same, we rejoice in the glorious hope that the Word promises that there will be a great reunion one day. If you are personally struggling with anything in your life,  just take your burdens straight to the Throne of Grace and cry out to Jesus! Give somebody a hug today and some words or deeds of encouragement. God bless you all. We love and miss you Jordan!" - Jennifer Robinson
August 24, 2011. "Today would have been Jordan's 24th birthday and we miss him so much. My youngest son posted some photos on facebook about Jordan and maybe you would enjoy them too. We plan to let 24 balloons go today. Love to you all and God bless you."  - Jennifer Robinson