What Every Leader Needs #5: Details Matter

*A blog series on what every leader needs to be effective in serving Christ*

The details matter, especially in leadership. I remember forgetting a small detail on a youth trip once that eventually ended up being a big problem! I forgot one of the student's medical release forms and we were 8 hours away from home at registration. What was once a small detail quickly became a bigger problem that was resolved but only after me floundering to find a way to get it sent to us. Not all of us are gifted in the area of details but every leader must learn how to handle the details effectively!

The spiritual gift of administration is a God-given ability to give direction and encouragement to fulfilling the goals of the Great Commission/Great Commandment. A leader who is gifted in this area (although all leaders should learn) will make effective decisions that will complete all ministry tasks quickly and efficiently (2 Corinthians 12:27-28). God is detailed as well! (Psalm 139).

Administration is the art of organizing people, situations, plans, documents with detail. People who are gifted in this area have a keen sense of focusing on details that will smooth out the overall big picture vision. A leader who does not have administration will be slowed down due to the daily tasks being overlooked and inaccurately completed. On every staff or team, there needs to be an administrator that is wise in the details and knows how to handle each small step so that the entire team completes the task with clarity.

Jesus organized by having his disciples with him and was able to use their gifts and abilities in ministry. Usually a leader that is gifted in administration can solve problems and think critically about problems in a systematic way. This spiritual gift is needed and useful for ministry. Not only will they handle the details, but be a strong foundation for the vision to become reality.