The Wonder of the Cross

Broken. Hurt. Anger. Pride. Bitter. Gossip. Pain. Depression. Lust. These few words are a picture of the brokenness that surrounds us.

Why is there so much hurt? Why are their families in disarray? 

Humanity’s rhythm is broken: -Spiritually: We are disconnected from a relationship with God without Christ. -Physically: disease, aging, and physical death. -Socially: conflicts in relationships, broken homes, divorce, sexual abuse, -Emotionally: Anti-anxiety medicines, antidepressants, cutting, self-abuse. -Morally: Overflowing prison system, abortions, college scandals, sexual abuse, verbal abuse.

I want to go back in time. Back to the beginning. God created everything. Perfectly. He breathed the stars in existence and breathed life into mere dust and created man. He created people in His own image. Adam and Eve were in a perfect, harmonious relationship with God. One quick decision to disobey left the relationship and rhythm in disarray.

Since the fall of man, man has tried to find purpose. This is where Jesus enters in a small town in Bethlehem. In a dirty, humble and not so "silent night," The God of the universe put on flesh and bone and came on a rescue mission. His mission? To rescue humanity.

Jesus came with one end in mind. He endured a life of selfless ministry and finished with a cruel death by Roman crucifixion. It is a wonder that a perfect Savior would take my place on a cruel cross. Why? God is love. Simply.

The horrible cross became wonderful. God poured out His wrath on sin upon His only Son, Jesus. I marvel at the fact that God gave up His only son for us.

I will never get over this truth. The greatest story ever told. A perfect God comes to rescue broken mankind.

“The gospel is that I am so flawed that Jesus had to die for me, yet I am so loved and valued that Jesus was glad to die for me.” Timothy Keller

I Need Jesus. We need Jesus. The world needs Jesus.