Source SM Recap: Volume #11

We had our annual back to school bash last night!

Main Thought: Life is only found in an eternal relationship with Jesus. Scripture: John 14:6, Romans 10:9-10, 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, Ephesians 2:8-9

Message Explanation: Our goal was to simply explain the gospel. I used an illustration of being on a plane and used the parachute as being the salvation on a plane falling out of the sky. It is not enough to believe the parachute will save the person but it is putting your faith in it. The same is true with Jesus. The greatest story of all time is how a perfect savior live and died for the sins of mankind. We had a time of response and had students who made a decision to be counseled by a small group leader!

Element of fun: Life-Sized Angry Birds! We had a small group challenge with points awarded to each team who knocks off the most pigs each round. (Pig= 100 points). We turned our auditorium into two sides (Middle school and High school).

Music: We had a special guest, "Tekulve" and the Source band led in worship!

Favorite Moment: A Dad running up to me excited about his son responding to the gospel for the first time! It was awesome to see students respond to Jesus.

What’s Next: We kickoff a new series "YOLO: Life is short...don't waste it." Series overview: Week 1 - "True-Faced BFF" - Friends determine the quality and direction of your life, so choose wisely. Week 2 - "Guy Talk" - Real men are courageous about truth, mercy and humility. Week 3 - "Girl Talk" - Purity paves the way to intimacy. Week 4 - "One Month to Live" - What matters the most is what lasts the longest.