Leadership Tip: Never Assume

"Yes, they are going to come and do it" "Of course I told him, he knows what I meant"

"I just figured that they would do it the way that I do it!"

How many times have you assumed something about a person or situation that ended up not being what you assumed? Assumption is the enemy of truth. Many times we make up what we believe in our minds before we discover the truth.

Assumption applied to relationships creates conflict and division. I've learned by trial and error that I have to over-communicate so that both sides of the conversation are clearly understood. Assumption stifles connection and ultimately hurts relationships.

Assumption comes out of negative thoughts. Many times we think that assuming is not a big deal. I have heard that perception is reality. Perception is important but what is most important is the assumption we have of others or of ourselves correct? Are we basing our assumption on what someone else has said about another person or situation? Leaders find the positive in others.

Leaders fight the desire to assume. Never assume people you work with understand what you expect of them. Never assume that a student understands the gospel just because you have shared the gospel with them. Never assume that because you said something to another person that they actually understood what you had to say.

So what do we do?

Communicate His love. A lot. Listen and collaborate. Delegate and follow-up.

Leaders fight the assumption and discover the truth.

What do you think about assumption? What would you add?  

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