Decrease Weekend Highlights!

What do you get when you have over 200 people excited about learning how to decrease and Christ increase in their lives over a weekend? An awesome move of God!

We saw 15 students being a relationship with Christ. We had more wanting to follow in baptism in a few weeks. I have heard story after story of adult leaders sharing about how they are growing personally. I absolutely love our church and its passion to reach this generation with Christ.

Decrease weekend helped me realize these truths: - Team is important in student ministry. Without a healthy group of adult leaders, there would be no student ministry to all of the students. - The overall church vision is most important. Church @ The Springs understands the importance of pouring into this generation. The support I have from my pastor, staff and members has been overwhelming.  - Students are hungry for God. I enjoy students asking for devotionals and telling me that they responded to the gospel for the first time and want to be baptized! -  Parents are investing in their student's eternity. It was great hearing the excitement in parent's voices as they celebrated life change in their children. -  Equipping is a leader's main pursuit. When I hear a student excited about their small group leader (instead of me), I am thankful. If parents, college students and adults are equipped and become champions for discipling students, then we are making a dent in this generation for Christ. - We are hardly scratching the surface. As I look at the overall picture of central Florida, I see an abundance of families who desperately need the hope that only Jesus can provide.

All the stories of life change always reflect the heart of God. I'm grateful He allows me to be a part of what He is doing in people's lives.