Contribution. A New Journey

I've recently begun to contribute to a few youth ministry websites. I enjoy blogging and hope to one day write a book (e-book maybe?). I originally started a blog in 2007 to share my journey in ministry. Over the years, God has helped me learn more about who He is and who I am. I've also learned a lot from other youth pastors who blog.

I've joined with one of the best youth ministry sites out there: I'm regularly sharing blog posts hoping to encourage youth workers!

Below are a few blog posts I've shared: Why Should I Read the Bible? Letter to Volunteers. Branding your Student Ministry

More Than Dodgeball - Youth Ministry Blog

I also wrote a guest post "How to give advice to students" for one of my favorite websites by Josh Griffin. It is a great website to check out and learn about student ministry. Josh includes a lot of guest bloggers like me to continue the conversation! 

What are some blogs you are reading?