Collaboration | The Student Ministry Kind

I am always encouraged when I spend time with other leaders who love Jesus and students.

I've been to numerous conferences and one day trainings in the past 10 years or so (NYWC, Orange, Youth Pastor Summit, conventions, YS one day, pastor conferences). I enjoy conferences and still want to go to them in the future.


I'm learning that building relationships with other leaders is where I have grown the most.

Collaboration is all about... Sharing ideas. Praying for for one another. Praying for each other's family. Keeping each other accountable. Sharing resources. Planning teaching series together. Learning from each other's mistakes. Encouraging each other in our calling.

We spent time visiting LCBC in Harrisburg, PA this past weekend to hang out with friends and learn from a great church. I'm thankful for the chance to learn and that Cassidy and Micah get to travel with me!

What have you learned about conferences? How do you collaborate as a youth worker?