3 Minute Devotional: Philemon


The Book of Philemon focuses up the forgiveness of others just as Christ forgave us. We must show Jesus to others by forgiving people and the hurts in our lives to bring God glory.

This is the smallest letter written by Paul in the New Testament. Paul was writing to his fellow believer, Philemon who Paul had led to the Lord. This epistle is a way of showing how the Spirit of God works in the assembly of God in individual’s lives. Paul talks about the redemption found in Christ and how forgiveness of other people reveals inner life change. Paul’s letter gives us a glimpse of early believers and their dynamic lives of commitment. The Christian life is bumpy along the way, but we must be committed to following Christ even when we face relational struggles. This letter shows the commitment of Paul and his fellow believers. Ask God to open up your heart and speak to you today.

1.     The Action of Forgiveness in making Reception (10-14)

2.     The Action of Forgiveness in making Restoration (15-17)

3.     The Action of Forgiveness in making Restitution (18)

This passage is another reminder of forgiveness. Even though Onesimus had done so many horrible things in his life, God forgave him of his sin. Paul expresses his love for his fellow believers.

Christ died for us even when we were shaking our fists at him and yelling “crucify him.” We are called to be like Christ in how we forgive. A life of commitment to Christ will have to include a measure of forgiveness, in the good and bad times.

Are we showing the kind of forgiveness that Paul showed of Onesimus? Paul knew that Onesimus was a thief, law-breaker and still accepted him.