4 Ways to Accept Students

Students are looking to belong in a culture of isolation. We are the hands and feet of Christ. In our student ministries, the last reason that students do not return is if they were not loved when they visit our ministries. Talking with my friend Matt in PA about a month ago helped give us ideas to welcome students.

4 Ways to Show Acceptance to Students:

-10 second rule: Every student should experience a physical touch or verbal touch within the first 10 seconds of arrival. The student should engage in some type of conversation with someone within the first 10 seconds of arrival.

-3 conversations: Every student should engage in conversations with at least three different people before he/she leaves.

-Don't Tell. Show: When a student asks you how to get connected, we want to make sure that you donʼt simply tell them but you take them to the appropriate person or place.

-No One Stands Alone: When we see students by themselves, we want to make a point to engage them relationally so they feel welcome.

Meeting students at their point of need with the gospel.

How are you welcoming and accepting students?