"I AM" Teaching Series - New Resource!

iam_thumbThe “I AM” statements of Jesus are some of the most pivotal moments of His earthly ministry. The book of John has one goal: that the world would believe Jesus is the Christ. Our identity determines how we live our lives. This series will paint a vibrant picture of the importance of finding our identity in Christ. This series is going to take an intentional look into the identity of Jesus. I AM will help students understand the heartbeat of Jesus and how they can be changed by His love.

Week 1 – “Hunger for Jesus” (Bread of Life) The Word: John 6:1-15, 24-40. Main Thought: We all have a spiritual hunger that only Jesus satisfies

Week 2 – “Flip the Switch” (Light of the world) The Word: John 8:12-20 Main Thought: Jesus is the light of the world and is to be taken to the nations. The light of Jesus promises you will never have to walk in darkness

Week 3 – “The Good Shepherd” The Word: John 10:11-18 Main Thought: Security comes through a relationship with Jesus

Week 4 – “Resurrection and Life” The Word: John 11:17-27, 28-35, 41-44. Main Thought: Jesus’ resurrection reveals hope eternally and in everyday pain.

Week 5 – “Way-Truth-Life” The Word: John 14:1-14 Main Thought: Jesus is the only way to salvation.

Week 6 – “The Vine" John 15 Main Thought: Growth happens when we remain in Christ.

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