Identity in Christ

Identity-LogoTechnology is constantly updating to new versions, updates and add-ons. If you bought an iPad this year, you will realize how quickly each version becomes outdated!

Are you more interested in what people think of you or what God thinks of you?

We are faced with pressures every day. A student feels pressure to make the grade, meet new friends and figure out their college plans. Adults feel the pressure to succeed, to provide, and find true friendship.

What version of yourself are you trying to pursue? Many times we follow the agenda of what other people want from us. God has given each of us His calling. What voice are you listening to today?

"We know in all things God works for the good of those who love Him" in Romans 8. Paul writes more about the person and purpose of God. He brings up the truth that we need to spend every moment, situation, circumstance and relationship based upon the unconditional love of God. God desires that we become more like Him. When we stay close to Him, we will find peace in our search for identity.

Identity is not found in something but it is in someone. Our worth is not tied to our jobs. Our ministries and workplaces are what we do, Jesus is who defines us. We are His children.

What are you seeking today for your identity?