Waiting, Watching and Listening

We all face waiting. I for one am not fond of waiting. I heard this statement the other day and it stirred my thinking, "Life is consists a lot of hurrying up and waiting." I have waited: - For my driver's license and graduating high school. - To finish high school and college. - To marry wife, Cassidy. - To complete seminary. - To hold my son Micah in my arms on September 4th, 2012.

Life consists a lot of waiting. Could it be that this is all part of God's plan? He is more interested in who we are becoming through life than arriving at all of our preconceived plans.

When you feel like there are more questions than answers, join me in becoming more dependent upon the One who knows. Seek His face. When we come to the end of our independent, self-sustaining, American ingenuity, we find that we all NEED someone outside of ourselves. Thankfully, Jesus is patient. He is long-suffering. He is slow to anger, quick to forgive and completely faithful.

When you and I are waiting, watching and listening, turn your eyes to the Planner of our future. Look around and take it in. Glimpses of pain lead to growth that God's grace sustains.

Wait. Pray. Seek. But at the end of the day, rest in the arms of Jesus who is never too far out of reach.