The "One Thing" Book Review

OneThing3dLeftI recently went through this book with some of our staff. It was a great leadership read. I wanted to share my top 10 learnings from the book: 

1. "Success comes from doing a few things well." Details matter, especially on a daily basis. Trying to do everything leads to not being able to do much with excellence.

2. Finding and developing my one main calling will lead to being a more effective leader. I want to find my strengths and build on them instead of trying to do everything myself.

3. If I feel busy, what is it that I'm busy about? Find ways to clear the clutter of emails, side conversations and stay on track with what is most important to finishing that day. To-do list can be helpful but can lead me astray. Instead of it being a "survival" list, it should be focused upon it being a success list. Shorter lists will result in getting more done. It is going from "could do" to "should do" list.

4. Success is about doing the right thing, not about doing everything right. If I build healthy leadership habits, then I will have the ability to be a better leader. Build up one step at a time on habits.

5. Trying to balance life is impossible. Shoot for multiple areas of my life that I invest into and never allow my family to fall through the cracks for the sake of ministry. When i'm at church, work hard and then when I'm home work hard to invest into my family. Be proactive in taking rest and time to refocus. Learn to counterbalance my life instead of worrying about always being balanced because it is unattainable.

6. Page 139: "Who we are and where we want to go determine what we do and what we accomplish." Purpose is what leads to direction and longevity. I need to daily be restored with my purpose of why I do what I do so that it leads to what I do and accomplish for God.

7. Page 147: "Purpose without priority is useless." Creating goals, dreams and plans are only half of the leader's role. If I prioritize my goals with energy to fulfill them, it will actually happen. A dream without a plan is only a dream. A dream with priorities and a methodology opens up the chance to focus on the "ONE" thing that is most important.

8.  Page 167: "Normal business culture gets in the way of the very productivity it seeks because of the way people traditionally schedule their time." If I don't schedule my time to focus upon the "ONE" thing, someone else will do it for me and I will become derailed with my time. I am working on blocking time during my week for studying for teaching, planning, communicating, meetings, etc. I want to make sure I'm focusing on the one thing I need to get done and stay close to the big picture/vision.

9. Page 208: "Extraordinary results require you to go small." If I simplify the one thing that is most needed in my personal, family and ministry life, it will help me live the "one thing." ACtions build on actions and habits build upon habits. I need to make sure the domino that is moving my life is centered upon the gospel and focused upon fulfilling my calling. Staying small and focused will lead to big results and clarity in my relationship with God.

10. Page 216: "Success is an inside job." The only way to live a life of no regrets is to make sure I spend each day doing what matters most. Looking and seeking the big picture and dreams help launch into God's greatest plan. Instead of thinking and talking about my dreams, go out and seek it with all of my heart for the Kingdom of God.