Jordan My Hero

jordan-braveheartJordan-Praying for meToday I'm remembering my brother Jordan. 5 years has gone by since Jordan went to be with Jesus. Each day that goes by I remember a glimpse of Jordan and his love for others. I miss you Jordan each day and look forward to one day seeing you in Heaven.


Jordan is my hero because: 

- He was patient with me - He made other people feel the love of God in how he carried himself - His strength was shown when facing the pain of cancer - He encouraged me to follow God's calling on my life no matter what (in the picture, Jordan is praying for me at my ordination) - He influenced his friends for Christ even to this day - He laughed a lot. He didn't let the small things bother him - He was teachable. Most days after college basketball practice, I would come home and Jordan would be in the driveway ready to learn what I had learned that day. - He loved people. He was genuine and took time to listen to others. - He was a meek man (power under control) - He was a great man of God.

I miss you Jordan. I love you. I look forward to sharing your story over the years as I preach and teach the gospel.

Thank you for being my inspiration to give it all for the call of God.