Speaking Tip: Nonverbal Communication

Psychologists say that communication is 60-90% non-verbal. Wow! The way we teach is much more than the words that come out of our mouth but how we interact with the audience.

Most speakers that I have heard do a good job of verbal communication but many forget how powerful the non-verbal is during a message.

Here are a few tips on non-verbal communication in teaching: - Help the story come alive with what you do with your hands and body. - Smile. Don't always look angry, especially as you are talking about God's love. - Stop pacing back and forth like an angry bull. - Let the audience know they can interact with hands up in the air so they know you are teaching WITH them and not AT them. - Stop reading your notes and teach your notes.

To sum it all up...

Teach like you mean it.  You are giving the most important truth out to people when you open up God's Word. Teach as if it is the last message you will ever give (because it might be the last one).