Source Costume Night

COSTUMEnight2013We had a great time with the students in Ocala and the Villages last night! The costume night was incredible. The purpose of the night was to wear crazy costumes and build relationships. I think it was a success! We played some great group games for the night. Download here if you want the list! 

Our costume awards included: - Best Animal - Most Awkward - Most Creative - Best Group - Best Impersonation - Best Superhero

My winner (in my biased mind) was the cookie and the cookie monster! 30551b2c41bc11e39b6422000aa80460_8

Here are some highlights of the night! 4a98a04e41d011e39ebd22000aaa21ed_8 7cdb9c6041ca11e38f1322000ab5923b_7 8c7111b041ba11e3b87b22000aaa07f6_8 075980f841d711e38ef622000a1fa434_8 a986b28a41bc11e382c322000ae910e9_8 agagag ca4e5346421c11e383f522000a1f9016_8