3 Tips to Build Community in Small Groups

Small groups are where people build community and grow in their relationship with God. I was reading today about how to build community in a book called, "The Big Book on Small Groups."  I wanted to share what I read in the building blocks of community chapter.

Check out the three foundational, rules of positive group communication: 

1. Gossip: Only speak about a group member when that member is present. When gossip is present, a group will fragment. When gossip is removed, group trust grows.

2. Confidentiality: What is spoken of in the group remains in the group. When confidentiality is destroyed, it hurts others. When it is kept private, students will express themselves more freely. But remember, if a student is harming themselves or someone else, we cannot keep that confidential.

3. Honesty: Every person, to the best of their ability, chooses to be honest. When people lie or mislead, an atmosphere of untruth permeates the group life; when trust is present, people grow in the faith and love for one another.

What would you add to the list to build community in small groups?