5 Apps I Use in Ministry

 Are you looking for a tool that you can use on a daily basis? Evernote is it or me. It helps me keep all of my ideas, plans and web clippings in one place. It can be accessed through my iPhone, iPad and macbook. You can save receipts by either scanning or taking a picture. It is my go-to for my ministry and life.  I use different "notebooks" to organize my thoughts and plans. 

 It provides the best way to complete tasks on a daily basis. It syncs to work with my phone and computer so I can access it anywhere. You can schedule when some items on the list need to be finished. You can share projects with others so it can be used as a team. I haven't utilized every aspect of this app, but it is an excellent tool to be productive. 

Planning Center
It is one of the best tools created for churches. I use it to plan out my series so that the musicians know the biblical direction of each teaching. You can schedule many types of volunteers so that you have one system to coordinate your services. It is by far one of the best programs for churches that are trying to simplify how they plan, coordinate and lead services. 

I love dropbox. As a multisite ministry, I use it on a daily basis. It helps coordinate files, graphics and video teaching for the campuses. Over the years of using dropbox, they have given me free space. I started with 2 gigs and now I have over 18 gigs for free. If you use it and share it, dropbox will give you space! 

Logos Bible Software 
I use Logos to study for each sermon. It contains an entire library of commentaries and books to help you study. If you are a communicator of God's Word, it is a valuable program to use. 

What apps do you use in ministry? Share in the comments below!