This Week's Message in 10 Tweets

"How to Read the Bible" was a stand alone message for our middle school students

1)  Every word of the Bible is God’s voice.

2) The way to know God’s heart is to read His Word. 

3)  Read the Bible until God speaks to you. 

4)  Understand “scripture interprets scripture” – Ever word is part of a sentence, sentence is part of a paragraph and so on.

5)  Ask the questions about the background of the scripture to understand the context. 

6) How do you live out what the verse(s) in your personal life?

7) Ask the question,  “How will I be different today because of what I have just read?”

8)  Write down specific prayer requests about your personal needs. 

9) Learn to feed yourself God's Word so you won't remain a spiritual infant. 

10) The greatest way to grow to become like Christ is to read and obey God's Word everyday.