3 Words that Matter in Communicating God's Word

3 Words that Matter in Communicating God’s Word

My passion is to communicate God's Word. I work hard every week trying to improve. I want to share three words that I hope will help shape the way I prepare and deliver God's truth. 

I want to make sure I know where I'm going so I can lead the audience. If I'm unclear on the direction and main thought of the message, those listening will be confused. I break down each message to a one-sentence big idea that I seek to say at different times throughout the message. I've heard this quote before, "If there's a mist in the pulpit, there is a fog in the audience." A practical way that I seek to be clear is to practice my message out loud. I will find a place that is quiet and teach it to myself. I will then delete and change different areas of the message that were confusing or unclear. 


The best communicators can take something that is complex and break it down for anyone to understand. Simplicity doesn't mean a lack of depth or truth, but it means to teach in such a way that people can apply it to their lives. Make sure to break down your teaching in practical ways for people to put it into action immediately following the message. Too many sermons (or "talks") lose their power when there aren't any action steps following it. If it’s simply a speech where people are emotionally touched but without simple steps to apply it, it will be forgotten quickly. 

Power from the Holy Spirit

I believe this is the most important step of communicating God’s Word. Without the movement of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people, we are simply speaking words. The Holy Spirit is what imprints God's Word and convicts people to change. The Holy Spirit is Who comforts and encourages. Remember, the results are up to God; we are to be faithful in studying God's Word and communicating it as clearly and simply as we can. Many times I pray something like this, "God, without you working through me, I'm not capable of changing anyone. Speak through me exactly what you want me to say." 

What other words would you say matter in preaching or teaching God's Word? Share in the comments below.