Tips on Communicating with Families in Student Ministry

We have all send emails, texts and social media out and many times wondering if it is reaching anyone. I know I have in the past. It is hard to communicate in this fast-paced culture. We all live inundated with information at our fingertips. 

Why communication matters? 
People who are not in the know are the less likely to be engaged with what's happening. Technology has helped simplify communication over the years. I want to share a few ways I am learning to communicate with students and their parents. 

What to communicate: 

1) Celebrate what is happening: Highlight what God did the week before in the student ministry (Salvation, baptism, response). 
2) Inform them of what is coming up and how to get involved. Share the teaching series, events and more. 
3) Encourage them. Let them know you care for them and their family. 

How to communicate

 Here is an example of a typical week: 

1. Record a video announcement on Thursday morning recapping our student ministry gathering the night before. I will upload it to our vimeo page and share it on social media.  

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.10.34 PM.png

2. Mailchimp: Create a mailchimp template that you can make your own and send out what is coming up weekly. We take a screenshot of the weekly update video in vimeo. I will upload the screenshot into the mail chimp email and link it to vimeo. By the way, video is much more engaging than only text and logos. 
I send it out on Monday morning at 9:00am. 
 It includes an overview of that week's message and three questions that parents can follow up with their student after Wednesday night. 

3. Schedule Social Media and texting (Facebook, twitter, instagram) 
Typically we schedule social media to go out Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday is communicating what we are talking about at Source, Wednesday is a reminder about Source and inviting friends and Thursday is an encouraging word or recap. 

What tips do you have about communicating with families?